"And I pray that you being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ." Ephesians 3:17b-18

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ghana 2010

November 1, 2010                                        Newsletter #6

"…Opened up my Bible and read about me. Said I've been a prisoner and God's grace had set me free. Then somewhere between the pages it hit me like a lightning bolt….Then I heard someone say, 'LETS GO'… Through the wild blue yonder with God's amazing grace. Let's follow our leader into the glorious unknown…This is a life like no other… This is the GREAT ADVENTURE." The Great Adventure by: Steven Curtis Chapman

…for some reason that song seems to be the theme song for me (Cindy) on this trip. God tends to reveal Himself in some surprising and unexpected ways.

Today was our day of ministry service in 2 villages. Due to time constraints the team separated in order to minister to 2 villages. The smaller village is a fairly new ministry site for SEED Ministries, so us being able to go & do a small clinic was a powerful testimony of SEED's commitment to the people there. The rest of us went to a larger village for a full day schedule.

7am – We saddled up our horses and headed into the "glorious unknown." The horses were 2 vans loaded with supplies, the team, and several Ghanaians who work with the ministry here to translate for us.

Don, Cindy, Lena, Phyllis, Johnny, Dan, & Mike were dropped off at Galenshegu for the day long ministry.

Susan, Rhonda, Jeff, Lynn, & Steve (another missionary here) headed off to Gua for a small 2-3 hour clinic.


Cindy did a class on Health Seminar taking about diseases, sanitation, nutrition, and hygiene. The demo using baby powder as "germs" was very effective on their dark skin as they shook hands – spreading the "germs." Point made – you need to wash your hands often. Phyllis ended the seminar by using the HIV / AIDS Evange Cube. The audience was very receptive and participated well.

Don then conducted the evangelism portion using the large Evange Cube. By the time Cindy & Phyllis finished and Don began the adult group had grown to about 100. At the end he gave an invitation and 35 raised their hands making a profession of faith.

While we worked with the adults, Johnny, Dan & Mike worked with the children. We started out with 25 children ranging in ages from the little tiny ones to teenagers. We played ladder golf and a couple of other large group games as our numbers went to about 85. Then we, with Lena & Phyllis, shared some bible stories, a few crafts and shared with them about Jesus. It was a good time of sharing, playing, and planting the seeds for the future. The children are always ready to play and love to be with the crazy Americans. Children of all ages gathered around us and were anxious to be greeted with a friendly smile, a handshake or just a "right-handed" wave. Playing simple games in the dirt delighted them. Their laughter will linger in our memory long after our journey has ended in Africa. This was an awesome first day!

Then we waited for the smaller group to return from Gua. They were to be back between 11am – 12pm. And we waited…. And waited…. And waited…..at 1pm we were wondering if we needed to go to them – maybe they were swamped at the Gua clinic???? We didn't have cell service, so there was no way to contact them. In the meantime we had the people of the village waiting patiently for us to begin clinic – but all the supplies were with the group at Gua. By 2pm we loaded up, told the people of the village waiting we would be back, & headed down the road. Several miles down the road we met the other group headed toward us.


So what can 2 nurses, a landscaper, a preacher, & an author do….show the Love of Jesus through a "bush clinic". Susan & I (Rhonda) triaged 242 people between the 2 of us, Jeff (landscaper) was the lone pharmacist, Steve (preacher from Atlanta, Ga) witnessed to everyone, & Lynne witnessed, loved & played with the children Each got the children's book that she authored. All of this was done in the hot interior of a church, while bats slept in the rafters – you can show the Love of Jesus anywhere, anytime, no matter the language or what is listening. There was more than one tribal group that came through clinic, ranging from babies to the elderly. Many with the aches & pains of living the life of a villager where everyday consist of physically demanding labor in order to survive. There was a small child (age usually not known by the parents) who cried if I tried to reach out & touch him – my interpreter, Peter, informed me that the child had never seen a white person before & thus was afraid of me – I could only think, "I wonder if he will ever understand that we are here to show the Love of Jesus? Will he ever not be afraid of those who come so far to show him love?" So now, how many of us understand just how far Jesus came to show us love….He came from Heaven to earth, He gave us His greatest gift – His Son & then Jesus went so far as to give us His life. How far will you go to show the Love of Jesus? Whose fear will you settle? Thank you to each & every person who helped each & every one of us come to the bush of Africa & show the Love of Jesus to a child who has never seen a white person. God Bless you all.

By: Cindy, Dan, Lena, Rhonda

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